Train with Me

OUR LESSONS are 60 or 90 minutes.  The 90 minute lesson include 30 minutes of ground training and round-penning, 45 minutes of riding/driving lesson, and 15 minutes to practice on your own (I’m there to answer questions but I find being able to develop the habit of the process on your own.) We require at least one 90 minute lesson for new students. I strongly believe that if you cannot handle the horse on the ground you shouldn’t expect to under saddle. We also offer 60 minute lessons once students are self-sufficient with grooming, tacking, and warming up.

  • 90 minute lesson: $75
  • 60 minute lesson: $50
  • Riders can lesson on our horses or their own. Personal horses MUST be up-to-date on vaccinations. Riders must have your horse groomed before their lesson.  This maximizes schooling time.  We require boots (with heels) and helmet for all riders regardless of age or skill level.

All horses and riders at Wyndover Farm develop a strong foundation based upon classical dressage principles while having the ability to continue specializing in your desired discipline.  I prefer to start riders (even ones with experience) bareback (or bareback pad) on a lunge line. This allows riders to focus on form without assistance of a saddle or bridle. Don’t worry, we start slow and easy and progress only when the rider is comfortable. The rider learns how to use body/seat/legs to communicate with the horse without relying on the bridle. Lessons include arena work, field hacks, and trail rides. Arena lessons may include cavalettis and gymnastics for more advanced riders.

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